Advantages of different types of nanotechnologies for treating the illnesses

Awareness of the need to use modern medicine achievements of nanotechnology is growing over the last few decades. Taken into consideration the social importance of medicine sphere, society has a great expectation regarding overcoming illnesses of past, present and future, as well as harmful effects of environment and bad habits.

As for one eminent tool of the nanotechnologies is optical nano scope. Nanoscope is unique tool with its amazing capabilities. They allow achieving a sufficient increase of definition in order to see individual molecules and atoms. It is possible to examine objects without destroying them. This fact is vital in terms of medical and biological using. Observing some viruses, bacteria and so long help to study, in some cases, living objects. Some types of optical nano scopes also let manipulate individual molecules and atoms and there is such equipment like advanced optical nanoscope of LIG Technologies in UK and it is widely approved.

optical nanoscopes

The next prominent device of nanotechnologies is micro and nano devices. Today plenty of nano devices are placed inside the body perhaps for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In most cases, they are aimed to investigate the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this purpose, it has really tiny size, approximately several millimeters and it carries a miniature video camera and light system.  Nanocamera could take the photo in that way and it will be transmitted to outside. This method helps to detect correct diagnosis and as a result prescribe appropriate therapy.

By far many of sicknesses are caused by toxins in our bloodstream. Scientists have developed also so-called “nano sponges” that absorb and remove them out. Nano sponges are defined as polymer nanoparticles covered with blood membrane. The red cell membrane could move and attract toxins in the bloodstream. There are many of other both traditional and alternative methods how to lead toxins out of the human bodies. Although they are considered to be not so effective and scientific-proved.

Not only nanotechnologies could stop disease inward, but also decelerate the aging process.

In addition, there is one crucial problem that was discussed a long time ago that humanity faced with really powerful viruses that demands stronger antibiotics. From the 1987, science and medicine did not produce truly new types of antibiotics. The problem is that injections are going on to become more common and casing real problems. Nevertheless, scientists have made a discovery that, in their opinion, will bring dramatic changes. It is a new type of antibiotics, which included 25 antimicrobial agents, the most important one called teixobactin. This antibiotic kills bacteria by blocking their ability to produce new cells. In other words, the microbes cannot grow and develop resistance to the drug under the influence of this remedy. Teixobactin are considered to be trial and tested and believed to be highly effective in the fight against Staphylococcus and several other bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

At first, laboratory tests on teixobactin were carried out on mice. The vast majority of experiments have shown the efficacy of the drug. Human trials are going to begin in 2017.

In a nutshell, nano technologies are definitely help us to improve our quality of life and assist to solve numerous of problems regarding healthcare concept.